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A important component in LTE network is the policy and charging control (PCC) function that brings together and enhances capabilities from earlier 3GPP releases to deliver dynamic control of policy and charging on a per subscriber and per IP flow basis. The Policy Control and Charging Rules Funct...
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Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) - supports service data flow detection, policy enforcement and flow-based charging. It offers a comprehensive solution that allows a new generation service provider to offer multiple use cases that allows them to better control their services and align th...
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This document presents a specific case of IP address allocation – allocation in geographically-separated locations within an LTE network. In case of dynamic allocation, no matter where a user accesses, a dynamically selected P-GW dynamically allocates an IP address to the user for PDN connection....
Tags: LTE
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This document will describe how an LTE network allocates IP addresses to users accessing the network. IP addresses can be either dynamic or static depending on their allocators. Below we will discuss how the two types are different, and how they are allocated.
Tags: LTE
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This document provides details of charging procedure and information, specifically in case when charging method, one of the PCC (Policy and Charging) rules, is set offline. First we will look into charging rules to be forwarded when Policy and Charging Rule Function (PCRF) sends PCC rules to P-GW...
Tags: Charging, LTE
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This document will describe Policy and Charging Control (PCC) rules and PCC procedures to be performed based on these rules. It will review PCC procedures required for using Internet and voice services on LTE networks, and also how “Policy Control” is performed depending on different PCC rules ap...
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This document will describe the two procedures defined as EMM Cases 10 and 11 in our technical document, “Eleven EMM Cases in an EMM Scenario”. These procedures consist of i) a detach procedure required when UE moves from its current location (e.g. City 1) to another city (e.g. City 2), and there...
Tags: EMM, Handover, LTE
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This document will describe two types of EMM procedures: i) handover where UE in Connected state (EMM-Registered, ECM-Connected, RRC-Connected) moves to a non-registered TA (EMM Case 8) and ii) cell reselection where UE in Idle state (EMM-Registered, ECM-Idle, RRC-Idle) moves to a non-registered...
Tags: EMM, Handover, LTE
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This document will provide the procedure for cell reselection without Tracking Area Update (TAU), as defined as EMM Case 7 in our technical document, “Eleven EMM Cases in an EMM Scenario”. This procedure is performed when a UE, staying in EMM-Registered, ECM-Idle and RRC-Idle after network attach...
Tags: EMM, LTE
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This document will describe the procedure for S1 handovers performed in an intra-LTE environment, as defined as EMM Case 6 in our technical document, “Eleven EMM Cases in an EMM Scenario”. First, features related to handovers on S1 protocol will be discussed, followed by detailed procedures of S1...
Tags: EMM, Handover, LTE

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