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5G Slice and Requirements
August 24, 2017 | By Upendra Kumar Tiwari @ Clarivate Analytics
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Upendra Kumar Tiwari 
Senior Research Associate Subject Matter Expert in Telecom

at Clarivate Analytics


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A network slice, namely “5G slice”, supports the communication service of a particular connection type with a specific way of handling the Control and User plane for this service.



Slicing is provides logically independent network on a single network infrastructure to meet diversified service requirements and provides DC-based cloud architecture to support various application scenarios. Uses Cloud-RAN to reconstruct radio access to provide massive connections of multiple standards and implement on-demand deployment of RAN functions required by 5G. Simplifies, we are implementing automatic network slicing service generation, maintenance, and termination for various services to reduce operating expenses through agile network O&M. 


5G network system shall allow

  • Create, modify, and delete a network slice.
  • Define and update the set of services and capabilities supported in a network slice.
  • Configure the information which associates a UE to a network slice.
  • Configure the information which associates a service to a network slice.
  • Assign a UE to a network slice, to move a UE from one network slice to another, and to remove a UE from a network slice based on subscription, UE capabilities, operator's policies and services provided by the network slice.
  • Support a mechanism for the VPLMN to assign a UE to a network slice with the needed services and authorized by the HPLMN, or to a default network slice.
  • Enable a UE to be simultaneously assigned to and access services from more than one network slice of one operator.
  • Traffic and services in one network slice shall have no impact on traffic and services in other network slices in the same network.
  • Creation, modification, and deletion of a network slice shall have no or minimal impact on traffic and services in other network slices in the same network.
  • Support the adaptation of capacity, i.e., elasticity of capacity of a network slice.
  • Enable the network operator to define a minimum available capacity for a network slice. Elasticity of capacity in other network slices on the same network shall have no impact on the availability of the minimum capacity for that network slice.
  • Enable the network operator to define a maximum capacity for a network slice.
  • Enable the network operator to define a priority order between different networks slices in case multiple network slices compete for resources on the same network.
  • Supports add and remove network functions to the network such that they can be used in a network slice.
  • Support differentiate policy, functionality and performance provided in different network slices
  • Support providing connectivity to home and roaming users in the same network slice.
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