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Case study on Private 5G service of "SK networks service" in Korea: Logistics
May 02, 2023 | By Harrison J. Son (son@netmanias.com)
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Private 5G operator: SK networks service (Korean SI Company)


In May 2022, SK networks service was approved by the government (MSIT: Ministry of Science and ICT) as a private 5G common carrier, becoming the third private 5G operator in South Korea after NAVER CLOUD (December 2021) and LG CNS (March 2022). 


On the same day, SK networks service was allocated private 5G frequencies of 4.7GHz (4.72-4.82GHz) and 28GHz (28.9-29.3GHz) for Central (manufacturing company), and began building a private 5G network with Ericsson EP5G solution at Central's Changwon Factory.


SK networks service provides AMR-based logistics automation services and digital twin-based monitoring and control services to the Central factory. 


Subsequently, SK networks service was allocated a private 5G frequency of 4.7 GHz (4.72-4.82GHz) in November 2022 and completed the deployment of a private 5G network with Flectory (5G Core) and Innowireless (5G Small cell) equipment at the Korea Food Industry Cluster (Foodpolis) in Iksan in December 2022.



<Korea Food Industry Cluster (Foodpolis)>


AI-based robotics logistics transportation services utilizing autonomous forklifts, autonomous mobile robots (AMR), and palletizing robots (robot arms) are provided to the Korea Food Industry Cluster. 

  • Private 5G Customers: Korea Food Industry Cluster (Foodpolis)
  • Private 5G network deployment model: On-premise type
    • Customer premise: 5G Small cell, 5G SA Core, MEC
  • Private 5G vendor: 5G Small cell (Innowireless), 5G SA Core (Flectory)
  • Private 5G Applications: AI-based Robotic Logistics Transportation
    • Vision AI collects box position and attitude information from 3D cameras on the conveyor, and pallet status information from pallet monitoring 3D cameras through a private 5G network.  
    • Vision AI calculates the optimal picking path and the optimal loading path and delivers them to the robot through a private 5G network. 
    • It is expected to reduce the labor load of warehouse workers engaged in the logistics industry and improve stability and productivity through automation and unmanned operation of high-intensity simple labor in the logistics system. 
    • It can replace manual labor and operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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  Performance Sharing Conference, Ministry of Science and ICT, 2022.12.20

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