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Private 5G in Korea 2023
January 03, 2024 | By Harrison J. Son (son@netmanias.com)
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Private 5G spectrum has been available in South Korea since 2021, and since 2022, numerous organizations have begun to deploy private 5G networks for their digital transformation.


In Korea, 48 sites have built the private 5G networks as of December 2023.


The present status of private 5G network deployment in Korea, major applications, and private 5G network architecture are all examined in this research.


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Click here to download the full 47-page report (login required).



Private 5G in Korea 2023: Table of Contents


Private 5G Frequency Allocation Status in Korea


p.04 | Private 5G Operators
p.05 | Enterprise DIY


Primary Use Cases of Private 5G Deployments in Korea 


p.06-10 | 29 Enterprises Survey: Industrial Sectors, Primary Use Cases, and Devices


Private 5G News in Korea | p.11-17


HFR builds Private 5G Network for "Smart Agricultural Product Distribution and Storage Technology Development Project"

Private 5G to control Dozens of Robots in Warehouses - MSIT allocates Private 5G Spectrum for Warehouses (LG Electronics) and Shipyards (Sejong Telecom)

HFR leads 6G Global Standardization as Co-chair of the Open RAN Industry Alliance2023.07.18KT and HFR collaborate to expand the Private 5G Business Area

HFR supplies Japanese Railway with my5G, Private 5G Network Solution and AI Technology, to enhance Railway Safety

LG Electronics and Megazone Cloud become Private 5G Operators in Korea2023.06.02Samsung Electronics and NAVER Cloud to provide Private 5G Network Services for Hoban Construction

Hyundai Motor, LS Electric to launch Private 5G Networks at Factories

KT commercializes AI-based 'Private 5G Intelligent Monitoring and Control Solution'

CJ Logistics launches Korea's First Private 5G Network in a Logistics Center Sector

Starting to build Private 5G in Changwon National Industrial Complex in Korea

Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) presents a Strategy to spread Private 5G in Korea

KT-Nokia-Megazon Cloud collaborates to revitalize AWS Cloud-based Private 5G Market

Private 5G Case Study in Korea: Details


p.18-19 | Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) 's Private 5G Network and Applications: Rapid response to disaster situations
p.20-23 | Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)'s Private 5G Network and Applications: IoT-based predictive maintenance, robot-based maintenance inspection, and safety management
p.24-24 | TLB Cluster's Private 5G Network and Applications: Predictive maintenance, geo-fencing
p.25-25 | Korea Food Industry Cluster (Foodpolis)'s Private 5G Network and Applications: AI-based robotic logistics transportation
p.26-26 | Samsung Medical Center's Private 5G Network and Applications: 5G-based remote surgical training 
p.27-28 | Republic of Korea Navy's Private 5G Network and Applications: Unmanned patrol, remote driving, AI vision
p.29-29 | Lotte World's Private 5G Network and Applications: Immersive parallel reality experience service




p.30-36 | The South Korean Government's Regulations on Private 5G and KT's Strategy for entering the Market in Response


Private 5G Deployment Models


p.37-42 | 4 Deployment Models for Private 5G Networks


About Netmanias.com | p.43


Click here to download the full 47-page report (login required).


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[HFR Private 5G: my5G]


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