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Private 5G Status in Korea (2): Enterprise DIY Case Study
March 09, 2023 | By Harrison J. Son (son@netmanias.com)
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   Private 5G spectrum in Korea




Private 5G Spectrum in Korea, Source: Ministry of Science and ICT


   Private 5G Networks in Korea: Enterprise DIY


Enterprise Location Private 5G Frequency Frequency Aquisition Date Private 5G Applivations 5G Vendor

 1. Korea Electric 





  in Cheongju

 4.7GHz (100MHz)


Real-time substation status diagnosis, failure analysis, and life prediction services are provided through unmanned inspection using four-legged robots, digital twin-based control linking CCTVs, IoT sensors, etc.



   KEPCO, "Establishment and demonstration of private 5G-based substation task service (Korean)," Private 5G Convergence Service

   Performance Sharing Conference[7], Ministry of Science and ICT, 2022.12.20


  2. Republic of

  Korea Navy[1]

 Republic of Korea

 Navy Headquarters



 4.7GHz (100MHz) '22.10.06

It provides services such as transportation of aircraft materials, bird eradication, fire prevention, and restriction of access to intruders through remote control and control of multipurpose robot vehicles, safety management of AI-based facilities, and bird detection.




    KT, "Implementation of Smart Aviation Convergence Service Using Private 5G Networks (Korean)," Private 5G Convergence Service

   Performance Sharing Conference[7], Ministry of Science and ICT, 2022.12.20

  3. KT[1]

  KT Research and


  Center (Seoul)


 4.7GHz (100MHz)

'22.10.06  Validate solutions for services such as robots, security, and control  

  4. Korea Water




  Busan Echo Delta

  Smart Village


 4.7GHz (100MHz)


Implementation of an intelligent water purification plant virtual model linking intelligent CCTV and IoT sensors.




   ESE, "Private 5G-based water management specialized smart city service (Korean)," Private 5G Convergence Service Performance Sharing Conference[7], Ministry of Science and ICT, 2022.12.20


  5. Korea Hydro &

  Nuclear Power


  Hanul Nuclear

  Power Plant (Uljin)


 4.7GHz (100MHz) '22.11.28

In order to utilize the communication network for safety management and disaster response of nuclear power plants, it is redundant to automatically switch to the Private 5G network in case of a wireline network failure due to a fire.
In the event of a disaster, respond promptly with VR field situation relay service through high-definition video and AI analysis optimized for nuclear power plant site conditions.



   KHNP, "Strengthening nuclear disaster response capabilities based on Private 5G networks (Korean)," Private 5G Convergence Service Performance Sharing Conference[7], Ministry of Science and ICT, 2022.12.20

  6. UANGEL [4]




 4.7GHz (100MHz)


In-house private 5G Internet, robot inspection service experiments and demonstrations, etc.



  7. Korea




  Jongpo Business

  Site (Sacheon)

 4.7GHz (100MHz) '22.12.22

Used to digitize aviation manufacturing processes such as next-generation fighter jets (KF-21)



   KT, "The Beginning of Manufacturing Innovation Based on Cybersecurity (Korean)," Private 5G Convergence Service Performance Sharing Conference[7], Ministry of Science and ICT, 2022.12.20


  8. Government






  Sejong (Sejong)


 4.7GHz (100MHz)


Integrated building management through the operation of patrol robots, IoT detectors, and intelligent cameras using private 5G networks.


  9. LG

  Electronics [6]

  LG Digital Park



 4.7GHz (100MHz) '22.12.22

Applied to intelligent factory services through factory guidance robots, logistics automation robots, etc.





[1] Ministry of Science and ICT, Press release, ㈜케이티엠오에스북부 등 5개 기관에 이음5세대(5G) 주파수공급 및 사업 등록 완료, 2022.10.06

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